Great Coffee with an Even Greater Purpose!

About Us

The purpose of Red River Roasters is to empower those released from prison with gainful employment. Oklahoma leads the nation in the number of men and women who are locked up per capita. According to some studies, a majority of inmates will re-offend in some way within 3 years of their release. The reasons for recidivism can be attributed to many things including age, gender, and education; however, for felons, finding stable employment is perhaps the greatest factor to promote successful re-integration.  

Red River Roasters is made up of people whose lives have been touched by incarceration in some way.  Many of us have been incarcerated and know the stigma a felony conviction carries when applying for jobs.  People released from prison face many challenges, including supporting their children and family along with repayment of an overwhelming number of court mandated fines and fees. Finding a good paying job can be the difference between success and failure for life on the outside.

There are many people who have been to prison that desire positive and permanent change in their lives!  Please support Red River Roasters and help make this change possible.