Great Coffee with an Even Greater Purpose!

The River

There is a fictional story that describes a river town in which the people find themselves facing a desperate situation. For months, they have been working to recover and protect babies they discovered floating down the river. They did the best they could, but before too long, their town is overwhelmed and realized something else needed to be done, there were just too many babies.

One day the townspeople decided they should go up river to learn where the babies are coming from and make a plan to help solve the crisis.

With Red River Roasters, we have decided to go up river. Men and women who are released from prison are less likely to find stable employment to help promote reintegration back into their community. Employment is perhaps a central factor that helps lead to stability and it is through this idea that we strive to develop a company to support individuals seeking a second chance in life.

The purpose of this company is to create jobs and respond to the unique needs of people who have been incarcerated. While a tangible goal for Red River is to offer life sustaining employment and perhaps a career in the coffee industry, the ultimate dream is to provide the tools necessary for restoring individuals to their families and their community.



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